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Gabrielle Devereaux

Gabrielle Devereaux is a multimedia artist who specializes in photography, filmmaking, and design. She currently holds freelance pre and post production roles, entering many different worlds throughout the photo-video industry. Between her day job in marketing and communications, she has a love and heart for story telling. She desires to capture color, light, and document fleeting moments.

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Raleigh, NC

Film Work

Marriage is a Verb

This cute title was made by my sweet friend Mel. She turned my film idea into a really lovely metaphor for marriage. I honestly was just having fun dressing up, acting like a princess while my husband, Noah was in class-- and I needed to give myself some incentive to do some chores.


A local nobody gets caught up in his fantasies about life.


She’s alive! I’m happy to share this little movie with you all. I made along side a few gals in my production class. It’s was fun and it really has no meaning, we just ran around in the woods and threw painted light bulbs at the ground. If there’s any interpretation it’s this- A photograph is a moment, just like a Polaroid. The Polaroid and the photographs fleeting moment is like a ghost and the light, transparency, broken bulbs, paints, and rainbows is like the ink developing at the back of the film.

Video Work

Contact Directly

Reach out to me for any production still photography, marketing materials, prop photos, or if you want to film something!

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