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Episode 171 -

Godzilla Minus One & Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire

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What started off as Brandon and former co-host, Danilo talking about WandaVision quickly turned into something so much more. On these bonus content episodes from Galaxy Of Film we highlight some of the content that did not make it on the main show. With less structure and more of a conversational tone, it is truly a fun time, and by the end of the episode you'll definitely be saying, LET’S FUCKING GO!!!

Awards Bait

Awards Bait is a bi-weekly show that tracks the awards buzz as we head into Oscars season. Join Jake and a roster of guests stars as they do their best to predict what’ll happen on Oscar Sunday!

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GOF Live

Do you enjoy our content? Do you wish you could interact with us as we record? Then you’re in luck. Starting this year, we are going to go live on the Galaxy Of Film Productions YouTube channel. Be sure to follow our social media linked below to be notified when we go live.

The SWCA Recaps

For the 2022 Star Wars Celebration Anaheim convention season, Max produced a daily recap series and a vlog series giving exposure to the fan experience at the world's biggest Star Wars convention. 


Recent Celebrity Guest

Director, Brit McAdams kicks it with the Galaxy Of Film team to discuss his original film, Paint!

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