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Naima Said

Naima Said, a Palestinian/Italian/American film and theatre actor, director, writer, and model, discovered her passion for the entertainment industry at a young age. She pursued her studies at UNCG Theatre and expressed her early love for storytelling by previously hosting "Heeere’s NeeNee! Horror Movie Podcast."


Raleigh, NC

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Goonies in Agony

Goonies in Agony is a story of two young men going through their own unique depressions, and their coping mechanisms. I wrote this film while experiencing a deep heartbreak and the loss of a friendship through addiction. 

Bus Fare

On a chilly Autumn day in the city, a young girl, Eilis, has her bus pass is stolen by a bully on her way to school. A kind woman comes to the girl's assistance, but the girl has a secret about herself and the bully that she's not letting on.



As well as her numerous appearances on the GOF podcast, Naima hosted the Heeere’s NeeNee! Horror Movie Podcast. A podcast dedicated to in depth discussions about the good, the bad, and the forgotten of the horror genre…

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