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Jake Limone

Ever since Jake can remember, he’s loved movies and wanted to tell stories. Jake graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. He formed Mayhem Pictures with his friends and, after a short hiatus, wants to get back into filmmaking under the Mayhem Pictures division with Galaxy Of Film. He is also the host of the Awards Bait podcast series.

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Norwalk, CT

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Matt has gone through an unspeakable tragedy and as a result, became an alcoholic. After his girlfriend leaves him, he begins to see strange visions in his sleep. He then seeks help from a hypnotist who comes to the conclusion that he’s been getting drunk night after night with an alien.

They Are The Virus

They Are The Virus tells the story of Oliver and Oscar, two men living in the world of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of these men have very opposing views on the crisis. These ideologies are brought together with only a door keeping them apart.


In the near future, murder scenes can be detected before they happen. When Harvey suspects he may be killed, he calls Jim, a washed up detective who was once the best man for the job. 

On The Job

On the Job follows Vinny and Dom as they wait for their target to get home.


Awards Bait is a bi-weekly show that tracks the awards buzz as we head into Oscars season. Join Jake and a roster of guests stars as they do their best to predict what’ll happen on Oscar Sunday!

As well as his numerous appearances on the GOF podcast, Jake hosted the Mayhem Zone along side co-host William Kish. The Mayhem Zone was the official Mayhem Pictures podcast, featuring movie reviews and Oscar coverage during the awards season.


Guest Appearances  

Drink The Movies

158 - Oscars 2024 Preview Show w/ Jake from Galaxy Of Film!

Contact Directly

Feel free to reach out to me, let's work together!

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