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William Kish

Will’s life was massively influenced by film growing up. His earliest formative memories are of watching films like Godzilla, King Kong, Jaws, and Jurassic Park. This led him to pursue art and film and eventually to form Mayhem Pictures with Jake Limone. There he was able to express his love of sci-fi/horror through the development of several short films, going as far as designing and constructing original monster costumes. Will also directed two stop-motion music videos for local indie pop band, Similar Kind. 

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Norwalk, CT

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The Artist.1996

An artist stays at a cabin in the woods for a personal project, but as the days go by, it seems this creative sabbatical may lead him to observe a nightmare from out of this world.

“The Artist.1996” is the first part of a terrifying new saga created by William Kish.


Matt has gone through an unspeakable tragedy and as a result, became an alcoholic. After his girlfriend leaves him, he begins to see strange visions in his sleep. He then seeks help from a hypnotist who comes to the conclusion that he’s been getting drunk night after night with an alien.

The Journey

An amnesiac woman awakens in a nightmarish dreamscape. Haunted by the dimension’s inhabitants, she seeks the wisdom of an enigmatic creature known as “The Truthsayer” in order to find answers.

The First Kind: Proof of Concept 

Adam reacquainted with his troubled friend, Samson, only to discover his old buddy may be in deep with something beyond human comprehension. This short serves as a proof of concept for a hypothetical feature length film that would expand on the story, characters, and scope of the lovecraftian horror elements. 

Similar Kind - Lost & Lonely 

A stop-motion music video directed by William Kish for indie pop band, Similar Kind.

An astronaut crash lands on a distant, barren world. They set off on a perilous quest to get a signal for a rescue beacon.


As well as his numerous appearances on the GOF podcast, Will co-hosted the Mayhem Zone along with Jake Limone. The Mayhem Zone was the official Mayhem Pictures podcast, featuring movie reviews and Oscar coverage during the awards season.


Contact Directly

Feel free to reach out to me, let's work together!

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