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No Vex

No vex meaning "all good", this film embodies the feeling of a carefree, happy-go-lucky, all is good with life attitude.

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Catalina's Curse

On Catalina's 21st birthday her life is turned upside down when given a gift.

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Like A Surgeon.

Two co-workers have a passionate discussion during their lunch break.

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On The Job

An experimental short film about love.


One Day

A personal representation on depression.

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In the near future, murder scenes can be detected before they happen. When Harvey suspects he may be killed, he calls Jim, a washed up detective who was once the best man for the job.

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Hide & Seek

In a world where Hide & Seek has become an underground sports league ran completely in secrecy, 4 friends join the league and attempt to make a name for themselves. They'll overcome fierce competitors and complete nearly impossible tasks, all in a game of skill, strategy, and courage.

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Gone Missing

Gone Missing follows two news reporters and a janitor as they embark on a journey to find out whether or not the legend of a monster is true or not.

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A local good-for-nothing gets caught up in his fantasies.



Matt has gone through an unspeakable tragedy and as a result, became an alcoholic. After his girlfriend leaves him, he begins to see strange visions as he sleeps. He then seeks help from a hypnotist who comes to the conclusion that he's been getting drunk night after night with an alien.

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Knock Knock

Fear and anxiety are heightened by something simple.


Toxic Flower

Craig comes across a beautiful flower while walking in the woods with his girlfriend, Emma. He quickly learns that this flower, along with his relationship, is toxic.

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An experimental short film about love.


Ken Dawg

A master of the green, Ken Dawg has an optimistic view on life.



1 year after the death of his brother Henry, Billy Flanagan starts seeing a creepy hooded figure, who, he feels, is trying to tell him something about the people closest in his life. Meanwhile, the past catches up to Jason Whitaker. Some demons are closer to us than we realize.

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They Are The Virus

They Are The Virus tells the story of Oliver and Oscar, two men living in the world of the COVID-19 pandemic. Each of these men have very opposing views on this crisis. These ideologies are brought together with only a door keeping them apart.

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