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Production Assistants

Kaleb Wilkes

Drake Gomez

Caitlyn Simson

Boom Operator - Gabrielle Devereaux

Until Still Photographer - Gabrielle Devereaux

Casting - Maximillian Wood

Script Editor - Caitlyn Simson

Hoverboard Trainer - Tyler Jansen

Editor - Brandon Messina

Additional Editing - Mason Conrad | MC Media

Colorist - Isaiah Terry

Audio Mixing - Danilo Wyatt

Audio Syncing - Maximillian Wood

“Call the Cops” by Josh Breezzyy

“Dakari’s Quarantine Routine” by Dakari Holder

Title Screen - Gabrielle Devereaux

“Red eye Jedi” by Drake Gomez

GOF Intro by Brandon Messina

A Galaxy Of Film Production

Written and Directed by Maximillian Wood

Cinematography - Alexander Reams

Producer - Gabrielle Devereaux

Executive Producer - Tyler Jansen

Executive Producer - Irmgard Price

Set Designer - Kaleb Wilkes


Jason - Yates Weaver

Ern - Keya

Redneck Mike - Nijal Morgan

Uncle Brian - Brian Malone

Behind The Scenes

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