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Catalina - Emily Nichter

Dante - Ethan Tocco

Mother - Nicole Kincaid 

Birth Mother - Sophia Tome

Dante 2 - Tommy Cavanaugh

Catalina Stand in - Lexi Kincaid

Dante 3 - Wesoleski 


Directed by Danilo Wyatt

Editors - Ethan Tocco & Danilo Wyatt

Boom Operators

Tommy Cavanaugh

Ethan Tocco

Emily Nichter

Danilo Wyatt



Moonlight Sonata

Ludwig Van Beethoven


Symphony No. 7 in A major op.92II, Allegretto

Ludwig Van Beethoven


Adagio In G Minor (Recomposed)

Yuliya Lebedenko


Clair de Lune

Claude Debussy

Behind The Scenes

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