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Production Assistants

Kaleb Wilkes

Nick “The Nugget” Sirois


Editor - Brandon Messina

Colorist - Isaiah Terry

Music by Tyler Jansen

Music Produced by Andy Pow

Graphic Design - Mason Conrad | MC Media

Casting - Maximillian Wood

Hoverboard Trainer - Tyler Jansen

Drone Operator - Mason Conrad | MC Media Additional Photography - Maximillian Wood

Still Unit Photography - Kaleb Wilkes & Nick “The Nugget” Sirois

GOF Intro by Brandon Messina

Proudly Filmed in Makers Studios, Fayetteville, NC

Proudly Recorded at Digital Wave Recordings, Fayetteville, NC


A Galaxy Of Film Production

Written and Produced by Tyler Jansen

Directed and Filmed by Maximillian Wood

Producers - Tyler Jansen & Maximillian Wood

Executive Producer - Kristian Sorensen

Executive Producer - Irmgard Price

Set Designer - Kaleb Wilkes



The Protagonist - Todd Martin

Girl in Bed #1 - Naima Said

Girl in Bed #2 - Demi Macadam

Hobo - Wayne Heiser

Diner Server - Nijal Morgan

Chef Umm - Thomas Cooke

No Vex, Dude Guy - Shamim Dana

Girl‘s Foot & Guy in Diner - Kaleb Wilkes

Vision - Tyler Jansen

Behind The Scenes

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