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Coming Soon

Goonies in Agony

Written & Directed by Maximillian Wood

A story of depression and coping mechanisms.

Latest Short Film

An artist stays at a cabin in the woods for a personal project, but as the days go by, it seems this creative sabbatical may lead him to observe a nightmare from out of this world.

The Artist.1996

Created by William Kish

Awards Bait - Season Finale

The awards season is officially over and thus so is the end of our first season of Awards Bait.

Podcast Spotlight


"It was a pleasure to be on Galaxy Of Film, great podcast. I'd love to come back!"

 - Director & Producer, Uwe Boll

“It was truly a pleasure to chat with the super cool guys at Galaxy Of Film - they totally ROCK!”

- Stephanie Nadolny, voice of Kid Goku & Gohan 

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