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Film Screening

On May 23rd, at 8:00pm, Galaxy Of Film returns back to the big screen! We'll be hosting the next short film showcase at the Lonerider in Wake Forest, NC! We'll be screening all of our orignal films that have been shot in North Carolina. Including our new film, Goonies in Agony!

Hosted by Maximillian Wood, Tyler Jansen and Gabrielle Devereaux

Coming Soon

Goonies in Agony

Written & Directed by Maximillian Wood

A story of depression and coping mechanisms.

Latest Short Film

An artist stays at a cabin in the woods for a personal project, but as the days go by, it seems this creative sabbatical may lead him to observe a nightmare from out of this world.

The Artist.1996

Created by William Kish

Podcast Spotlight


"It was a pleasure to be on Galaxy Of Film, great podcast. I'd love to come back!"

 - Director & Producer, Uwe Boll

“It was truly a pleasure to chat with the super cool guys at Galaxy Of Film - they totally ROCK!”

- Stephanie Nadolny, voice of Kid Goku & Gohan 

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