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Latest Short Film

No vex meaning "all good", this film embodies the feeling of a carefree, happy-go-lucky, all is good with life attitude.


Written & Produced by Tyler Jansen

New Series

Awards Bait is a bi-weekly show that tracks the awards buzz as we head into Oscars season. Join Jake and a roster of guests stars as they do their best to predict what’ll happen on Oscar Sunday!

Support Our Next Film

Goonies In Agony serves as a cautionary tale for how you deal with the struggles involving mental health. There isn’t a right or wrong answer on how depression is handled, but it’s important to handle it in your own way compared to ignoring the struggles. Goonies In Agony is the story of two young men, and how they choose to deal with their own unique struggles. 

Creating a film is one of the most fulfilling experiences in life, however it’s also an expensive experience. Production costs include the remaining camera equipment, transportation & housing for talent, sound & music mixing, securing location to film, craft, and distribution fees for film festivals. In order to bring this unique and personal film to life, we're asking for your help in raising $4,000. You can find our Gofundme page here.

Podcast Spotlight


"It was a pleasure to be on Galaxy Of Film, great podcast. I'd love to come back!"

 - Director & Producer, Uwe Boll

“It was truly a pleasure to chat with the super cool guys at Galaxy Of Film - they totally ROCK!”

- Stephanie Nadolny, voice of Kid Goku & Gohan 

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